High Altitude Adjustment:  Enhance athletic performance with a sports massage focused on muscle groups specific to your athletic activity. Our healing massage combines Arnica Montana which is known for relieving sore muscles, sprains and bruises as well as moist heat for deep penetration of the product. This is a intense therapeutic treatment combining sports massage and deep tissue designed to increase circulation and  promote healing.   75 Minutes $ 125    Aromatherapy Escape : Your massage begins with our Classic Swedish Massage. A series of Essential oils are then applied to the spine to help detoxify the body and strengthen immunity. Your therapist will pick essential oils to compliment you and your individual needs, goals, or conditions based upon a brief intake and discussion. Balance and harmonize your body and mind!   90 Minutes  $ 150    Essential Express : This package combines the best of the best at a economic price! Enjoy a Rejuvenating Express facial for 45 min and a 45 Minute Relaxation Massage.  You will look and feel fantastic without breaking the bank!   90 min $160    
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